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Wrong French pronunciation in Stories

Out of curiosity I tried the Stories. In the first story Pain de chocolat du matin, when it comes to the middle "une bôite de pains" was pronounced as "pan" rather than "pin". I thought I got it wrong and clicked replay a few more times, and it's still wrong.

Yes it's just a small defect but I bring it up in case anyone would want to be informed.

February 22, 2018



https://forvo.com/word/pain/#fr. I generally trust the pronounciation in stories far more than in the exercises, because as far as I know the stories use recordings of real people/actors, whereas the exercises are text to speach.


Clicked a few on forvo and they are correct (certainly as they are provided by natives).

The error I found may be a system thing; not sure about the reason.


"Pains" is pronounced [pε̃] Listen here: Larousse


That's the correct pronunciation I am talking about, although it sounds robotic.


I'm not doing the French stories, so I'm not sure how the "de pains" sounds there. Is it something like this? If not, maybe there's a mistake in the story that could be fixed.


I would expect "pan" instead of "pin" That was what I learned in my school classrooms.

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