"I said a few words."

Translation:J'ai dit quelques mots.

February 22, 2018

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What is wrong with my answer? Je disais quelques mots


Imparfait is used for indefinite lengths of time, to describe what was going on in the past, states of being in the past, or past habits. It is the tense of narration.

Consider the difference between the following:

"Je disais quelques mots quand l'alarme incendie a sonné."
"I was saying a few words when the fire alarm sounded."


"J'ai dit quelques mots puis l'alarme incendie a sonné."
"I said a few words then the fire alarm sounded."

The first describes a past event that was taking place when another event occurred.
The second describes a completed past event followed by another that happened after it.


Thanks for the explanation. I 'think' I get it. :):)

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