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French: the Pleonastic "ne"

In French...Does DL reject the pleonastic "ne"? Elle a peur que les enfants ne soient sorties sans leur manteau...I know it is never pronounced. I'm still in the habit of writing it.

February 22, 2018



Congratulations petemehegan! Your level in French is high, your French sentence with "ne" is absolutely correct, and I can say you in French "votre style est soutenu". Greetings from France.


A-t-il raison que le "ne" expletif ne se prononce jamais?


En français parlé, on ne prononce presque plus le "ne"...ce n'est plus qu'un joli souvenir d'antan.


It's more like it's "swallowed," rather than omitted entirely, right? In your example, it would be, phonetically, something like "les enfanne soit" or "les enfonncoit"? Hard to reproduce here . . .

Les souvenirs d'antan indeed (like les neiges)! Of course, I still make a distinction between the future and the conditional (je parlerai and je parlerait) in spoken French. I've been told I sound like a little de Gaulle. I'm not sure if it was meant as a compliment or not. :-)

Utilisez le ne expletif, avant qu'on ne l'oublie!


"Je parlerais" is the conditional present form.


Absolutely right! Fingers on auto-pilot. Mea culpa . . .


Since the expletive "ne" is optional (which is the very meaning of "expletive"), you can say it or omit it.

If it is in a written sentence, why not saying it?


so elegant! It's so long ago that I heard "ne" and would not have known to use it in this sentence, which means "She is afraid the children went out without their coats" right?

Of course it should be accepted!

Did you report it?

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