"A Trick" to fluency, writing and spelling

I set my keyboard to switch to Hungarian, turned on my microphone and dictated the Hungarian translations. On my tablet (ipad) there is automatic language recognition.

I listened to the Hungarian audio at least three times, repeating the audio as closely as I could before dictating my answers using the mike.

If my pronunciation was correct my phrases and sentences were correctly written including accent marks, most of the time. If I made mistakes in pronunciation I got wrong answers. (Sometimes the words were recorded incorrectly, perhaps because they weren't in the system.) Reviewing these I wrote down my mistakes and saved them in notes for each lesson.

I really learned a lot that way, both in my Hungarian speech (accent!) and in spelling.

February 22, 2018


Great idea and well done

February 22, 2018

Does anyone know if there is an app I can download for Windows that will have automatic language recognition like this? Free would be preferable

February 25, 2018
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