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New french tree soon

I'm excited for this: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/fr/en/status

But I'm also wondering how it will affect existing users. Will our skills be shuffled around the tree, will we have to start from scratch?

February 22, 2018



My guess is that there will be lessons in modules that you haven't completed (because they're new) throughout various parts of the tree. I feel like that's what happened with the French V2.0 tree (although my memory is hazy).


I'm excited for this, the new material coincides almost perfectly with gaps that had bugged me in the old French tree. Here's hoping we don't need to start from scratch. I only just received my shiny French owl and it'd be rather inconvenient to have to start again.


Is there a listing of what is to be added other than the sentence in the comment on the incubator?


Here's what it says on the link the OP gave: "In addition to fixing plenty of errors in the course structure, we have created more new skills: Animals 2, Food 2, Weather 1, Pronominal Verbs, Weather 2, Body Parts, and the aforementioned Countries. There have also been a lot of new vocabulary added in the existing skills."


First you will lose your tree. Many of the gold lessons will have to be done over again, and finally there will probably be some totally new topics.

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Thanks for pointing it out, I hadn't noticed it myself. I'm very excited to see the new upgraded tree.


If it's anything like the new Spanish tree, of which I'm a beta tester, you will not have to start from scratch. However, it will take rather a while -- months -- until you build up your word strength for the new material to a point where you don't have to keep practicing it over and over.


Have you heard how people can sign up for this?


Thanks for the notice! Just spent last 45 minutes finishing the tree to earn Champion and Shiny. Look forward to learning more.


I'm shocked and I absolutely hate it. And not just that, I'm devastated and it ruined my motivation entirely. It is so stupid to impose things like that and not to give options. It also seems that I cannot see or choose e.g. which infinitives or adverbs I am about to practice. It is an enormous setback.


The new French tree and the new Crown system are two different things. The new French tree is just a bunch of new lessons and words. You seem to be hating the Crown system.


Bonnes nouvelles, Merci!


I appreciate the efforts to improve/expand the tree and try to improve the user interface. BUT, I'm really unhappy about having the new tree forced on me in the middle of the course, especially while trying to prepare for a trip. I thought I could deal with the new tree - but then the crowns appeared. I really, really don't like the crown interface. With the old interface I could see my progress at a quick glance. Now it's way too complex and ugly. I feel totally demoralized and have lost all motivation to use Duolingo. Can I please, Please, PLEASE revert to the old interface, at least temporarily?

Why not give users a chance to choose, perhaps within a several month time frame, when they want to accept a dramatic change when they're in the middle of the course? Imposing an AB test or new interface is fine for users just starting a new language, but not so fine when one is already in the middle of a challenging project.


Firstly thanks so much for all the work and support, it's a privilege to have access to the quality resource Duo provides.

Will the Fr-> En tree mirror this one?i.e. are they developed in parallel, or in isolation? I see that there are Devs in common, unsurprisingly.


The primary focus right now is on the FR<EN tree, but there are sentences and vocabulary between the two trees, of course. Once the new French tree is released, our efforts will turn toward making the EN<FR tree much better with new skills and improved lessons.


Is there a way to request getting the new FR<EN tree?

I have finished my tree and would appreciate the additional challenge.



Unfortunately no. During the A/B testing phase, certain users are randomly selected to test the new tree. If the tree does better in terms of retention (and other metrics) than the old tree during the testing period, the new tree becomes available to everyone. If not, then it is back to the drawing board...


Understood. Thanks for the reply.


Let's cross our fingers that all goes well!


Interesting how software works. I just upgraded to the new ladder.

Where may I post suggestions? I see a few easy to fix UI things.


I am curious as to how many words there will be in the new tree. Mine is currently showing at 2971, which must be very close to the full number in the tree.


Most likely hundreds more.


Most likely a few hundred or Most likely hundreds more. ;-)


I think I'll never know when "hundred" and "thousand" get plural or not. Many thanks!


Hi Sitesurf, I'm going to take a stab at answering: I think this is about whether you are referring to one set of things, or multiple sets of things. For example, in the Roman army men were grouped into centuries, or hundreds - this is plural because we are referring to more than one group of one hundred men. Another way of looking at this is whether the 'hundred' is breakable into parts.

There is a more technical answer here (not mine): https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/57812

Is the rule different in French?


Many thanks for the explanation and link.

For a change, French is a bit simpler:

  • "cent" is pluralized when multiplied by an exact number: cent, deux cents, trois cent cinquante.

  • "mille" is invariable: mille, deux mille

  • "millions" and "milliards" are countable nouns: un million, deux milliards, trois millions/milliards, quatre millions/milliards cent cinquante mille.


I haven't finished my old tree, but am happy to see the expansion.

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