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Placement test

Just wanted to say I am a native Slovak and I did the placement test and got 10 skills level 7 just for fun. I will never get back to it welp atleast I got some XP

February 22, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I'm a native Czech speaker. I got 71 skills and level 11 :-D Not going back too but I was curious, as I have some friends learning Czech.

    I got one answer "wrong" and sent the report as I am more than sure my answer was correct too.

    And I don't know. Is all of that standard Czech? I encountered an example like "Nevotevřeš mi to?" I don't know whether the creators have made a mistake or they have been trying to teach this regional colloquial thing too, which would be rather weird in a basic course.

    The course looks very good in general, perhaps better than some courses for the learners of the more popular languages. Sure, Duolingo can never be a full value main resource, but I won't hesitate to recommend this tree as a good place to get started or a good piece to put into a larger plan.


    Thank you for testing the course. Perhaps you remember declining an offer to be a member of our team, so there came and went your opportunity to shape the course contents, including the decision to incorporate the final "obecná čeština" skill as an integral bonus. You may not be aware that bonuses have been broken for a while, so this was the only way of encouraging any exposure to common Czech. (Which, for those not familiar, goes far beyond being a collection of regional colloquialisms.)

    And although the results of your brief encounter with this course need to be taken with a few grains of salt, your finding that you were marked wrong by our mistake only once in the entire placement test actually sounds spectacular, and we fully intend to bask in the glow of that achievement ;-)


    I hope they will make Slovak too I already applied to contribute


    There is a specific lesson (the final one) just about Common Czech (like "Nevotevřeš mi to?"), it includes only translation from Czech to English.

    I don't think it is weird at all. It is the most common dialect out there and foreigners should be prepared to hear it in their daily life in Czechia (especially in Bohemia as Moravia and Silesia have several other dialects).

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