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recherche amis anglais

salut ! je suis un français qui apprend l'anglais , et j'aimerais beaucoup avoir un contact anglais qui apprendrais le français j'ai 17 ans et je suis sérieux ! n'hésiter surtout pas a me contacter , merci .

Hello ! I am a french who learns english, and i would very much like to have an english contact who would learn french i am 17 years old and i am serious! do not hesitate to contact me, thank you.

February 22, 2018



Hi Axel! I'm not English but maybe I can help with some things! I would like to learn French. Maybe we can help each other?

[deactivated user]

    Hi Axel! Even-though I am not English I am pretty sure I could help with your English. I am nearly fluent (C1.1) and might be able to teach you a British accent along the way! I am 15 and I am super motivated in learning languages. Also if you could, sometimes, help me with French, it would be appreciated.


    Hi Axel, I'm not English, but I was living in Cornwall for a whole year, so I speak it properly and with a very decent accent (I had Cambridge's CAE). If you are interested on it just let me know.


    Looks like you're already found some quite fast. :)


    Hey Axel. I am english, and also teach creative writing, so I'm probably able to help you quite a bit if you would like to exchange lessons so I can improve my french :)


    Hi Axel. I'm American and speak fluent English. I'm also 17 years old and I've been looking for someone to practice my French with. I've been taking French for 4 years but I almost never use it and I want to get better. Just contact me if you'd like to talk and help eachother.


    Salut Axel, je suis un Australien qui apprend le français et je serais heureux de correspondre avec vous en anglais. Aussi, j'ai besoin de quelqu'un pour m'aider avec mes faiblesses en français.

    Hi Axel, I am an Australian who is learning French and I would be happy to correspond with you in English. Also, I need someone to help me with my weaknesses in French.


    Hi, I know you posted this a while ago, but I'm Australian and i just wanted to say that I'd be really happy to help you practise English : )

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