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Recording spoken numbers in German.


How do you guys (or more generally, German speakers) write down numbers while saying them out loud in (or thinking)?

For example: I am on page 34 of a book that I am writing a report on. I would like to notate the page in my notebook, to do so I say "vierunddreißig" out loud (or to myself). However I tend to get criss-crossed and end up writing 43 because as an english speaker I am used to hearing/saying the numbers with in the tens position first.

Would a native speaker write the 4 first, and leave space in front to add the 3? Or do they just wait to hear the whole number and then write it down?

February 22, 2018



I think that for native German speakers it works the same way as 13-19 does in English. For example, fourteen comes from four (and) ten but we think of it as one number and write it left to right. I try to think of numbers in that way, and write them left to right, although I agree it can be confusing.


That's how it works. The two digit numbers are short enough to memorize them. At some point we switched the "endianess", now we have it pretty mixed, see "dreihunderfünunddreißigmillionensiebenundfünzigtausenddreihundertsechsundsiebzig". Try to write it down....


I listen to the whole number and then write it down from left to write.

However, I've seen some of my students do it the other way.


Nice avatar. Der "Genießer"....

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