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New sort order on Duolingo.eu

The progress screen on duolingo.eu has changed the sort order for the nodes ("nodes" is not the right word, I forget what DL calls them) so they are now approximately in order by strength. This is very helpful for me because I use it to find the nodes that have the lowest strength and those are the ones I practice.

Whoever maintains that site - thank you! (Can you tell us who you are?)

If you aren't familiar with the site, it appears to be unaffiliated with the Duolingo company, but it is useful for looking at your progress, and it keeps the old Streak Hall of Fame going. You can see your own status by going to a URL like this, but substitute your own username: https://duolingo.eu/davidcwalls/progress/

It will only show you your progress in the language that is currently active. It appears to pull the data from the publicly available Duolingo interface, which means it shows you more details about yourself than it shows to other people.

February 22, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I'm featured in a Hall of Fame and didn't even know.

    Actually I was unaware of this site up until yesterday. In fact it would be awesome if Duolingo itself kept these kinds of stats in-house... it seems something very easy to implement.

    Thanks David.


    I like the Duolingo staff focused on new language learning features. It's terrific that someone is doing a pro job presenting the stats for free.

    [deactivated user]

      This is the kind of feature that you set up and let run... not high maintenance at all.


      Duolingo provides all of these stats (except for who is on the SHoF list) and more, but they are in JSON format. So we, the users, can put our own front end on them, as the author of Duolingo.eu has done and shared with everyone. It seems like a pretty good division of labor to me - we can get to the data, and they focus their efforts on improving the core product.

      You can get the raw JSON data using a URL like this https://www.duolingo.com/users/nuno275251

      [deactivated user]

        Ah, so you're saying that there's a cooperation between the two sites? Makes sense.


        I think, it is not an official cooperation.
        Everyone, who is logged into Duolingo, is able to create scripts using the data from https://www.duolingo.com/users/USERNAME


        What username do I go by? My real user name is שפה אבר which means "learn Hebrew". It's not exact or conjugated correctly, but I picked it up from Strong's when I started. Duolingo turned my name into some silly hash of capitals and numbers. Maybe I can change that with my Hebrew keyboard.

        Nope. It won't accept any "foreign" characters. They would be a nightmare to go by anyway for people other than Hebrew enthusiasts to write, unless they copied it. kHXa3 works. Wow! Quite amazing. Not in any hall of fame though.

        [deactivated user]

          Duolingo turned my name into some silly hash of capitals and numbers

          You can change that to a nickname you like best.


          Can't see me in the French https://duolingo.eu/fr

          I used CTRL+F to try to search it.

          I've thought about that. My username has my goal in it. That's what holds me back.

          It will keep that name, right?

          I will have to find something or come up with something.



          Can't see me in the French https://duolingo.eu/fr

          Maybe, only the people in this list https://duolingo.eu/ are listed in https://duolingo.eu/fr

          [deactivated user]

            By username I mean the kHXa3 you said it was a "silly hash"... this one displayed on the board... it won't affect the other name we see displayed on the leaderboard which is שפה אבר


            You still have the time


            Agree. And of course you are, Nuno!! Found my profile)). But I have 20 more days until I'm on that streak page when I have 100. Kudos to them however, because they have my location blurb (the definition of location). I miss that....

            [deactivated user]

              But this is not your first streak I reckon...


              Of course, but this is the longest I've had so far. For shame:))...


              I went to the site, and I found out that they link to a social media account of mine (of course now I use a different account here than listed on that site). I do not want that!

              Does anyone know how I can prevent it? I couldn't find a way to contact the owner.


              Have you checked your profile here on Duolingo.com to make sure it isn't still linked here? My impression was that the Duolingo.eu site mostly pulled data from the live Duolingo site.


              Yes, I've cut the bonds a few months ago. It looks like they pulled the info before that and still keep it.


              Please read https://duolingo.eu/faq
              Version 2018-02-25 shows:

              A few words on privacy

              Duolingo.eu doesn't collect anything that wasn't there in our publicly available extended profiles or couldn't be calculated using the extended profiles data. We have to keep in mind though that our extended profiles may include some potentionally sensitive data: social media links.

              For those of you concerned about privacy: rest assured,

              • as soon as you unlink your social media accounts from your duolingo.com account, those links will also be removed from duolingo.eu after the next daily update;
              • equally, if you deactivate your duolingo.com account, your .eu page will be removed as well.


              So they say. The value of such assurances depends on the credibility of the person giving them, and noone apparently knows who actually runs Duolingo.eu.


              Fun fact: this side seems to also count deleted language courses. On my personal https://duolingo.eu/Rhabarberbarbara it shows dimmed owls for languages without a golden owl and deleted languages. I also show up in the individual language lists of my deleted courses.


              Thanks for this information - I've been wondering why I bother to keep my streak going now.


              I've been playing around with it and the only complaint that I have is the fact it saves deleted courses (even from a few months ago). Still a very good site, though.


              Hm... I can't seem to find myself. I know I got a streak above 100 at some point... Oh well, I guess it's fine. ^ ^

              [deactivated user]

                The tables are real-time I think.


                Oh, so that's probably why I don't see myself. Alright, thanks!



                The list is being updated daily and/or whenever you look up your username.
                Source: https://www.duolingo.eu/



                I know I got a streak above 100 at some point...

                106+75 MasterZsword

                Edit: 2018-02-25


                "It will only show you your progress in the language that is currently active." What if someone is learning 2 languages concurrently? Is there a way to switch between languages to see the progress in each?


                It's simply a one-way feed of whatever you are active in at that moment. To switch it, switch what language home page you are in.


                Thanks! I'm focusing on one language for now, but plan to do others in the future, so that's good to know!

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