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I am trying to learn German, are there any good German bands to listen to practice my German?

I don't like Pop or really that much modern stuff, More of a Rock and Folk kind of guy. All suggestions are accepted.

February 22, 2018



Anther thought in the folk arena.....sea songs with a Celtic twist but in German, the band Santiano https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib00QVJcHd4 The words are easy, repetitive and the fiddler is great.


Rammstein, they have really good lyrics, Lindemann himself studied German at university. But if you are into black metal there is "Urfaust" or "Der Weg einer Freiheit". Sodom is a good Band also but they only have a few german songs. Then there is Varg, i don't now if you'll like their lyrics but it's good german tho. Reinhard Mey is something more understandable and happy and last but not least id suggest Herman Van Veen, he's dutch but he's writing excellent german songs. I hope this will help you. ^^


I love how the first suggestion is an Industrial Metal band.


It's an iron rule of the DL forums: if you ask for German music, the first suggestion will always be Rammstein. If you ask for a song, it will be "Du Hast".

Anyway, if you're after folk and rock, Schandmaul might be a good place to start.



As a guy who very much into industrial metal, I can say that I just discovered Schandmaul and like them quite a bit.


Gotta go with "Heirate mich" and "Herzeleid."


Tocotronic, Tomte, Kettcar and die Sterne are bands I enjoy. They probably fall into the category of indie rock.


I'm not sure what subgenre of metal/rock they fall under but Eisbrecher. Their songs are amazing, and in my opinion 'Was ist hier los' is catchy enough to learn the words


Faun! You need to listen to Faun! They are a German folk band and they are AMAZING! I myself have learned many words from them and they are my favorite band of all time. They do lots of old/traditional music (mostly German songs). You need to give them a listen! www.faun.de


Germany is probably tied with Sweden in my mind for best music per capita.

For your specific request of Folk, Forseti is one I own. Start with their album "Erde", Odroerir is another great band.

As for rock, I don't know what you mean by not liking "modern stuff", so I'll just list rock-ish stuff in general.

Unheilig is a fairly standard fare, Knorkator also. Others have been mentioned already


The thing is with German music, it's specialty IS electronic-based music, so if you're not into that, you're missing out on the best exports. Like Eisbrecher, E. Nomine, Rammstein, :SITD: In Strict Confidence. If you want to up the intensity and angst you can go with Das Ich, The Retrosic*, Feindflug. :wumpscut:, Heimataerde

Going softer, Schiller, Melotron, Rotersand, Solitary Experiments, Deichkind, Wolfsheim I don't like rap but this song by Schiller is quite comfy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBdoh03uIYU

A * indicates only some of their songs are in German


BY 'modern stuff' I meant 'Annoying poppy electronic crap'.


Element of Crime


I don't know. Rammstein always comes to mind for Harder stuff.


i think it will not be your cup of coffee, but I like to listen Adel Tawil, Sarah Connor, Joel Brandenstein, SDP, old time german songs...


There's an acapella group Die Prinzen who speak very clearly and have fun songs. "Was Soll Ich Ihr Schenken" is a good start

[deactivated user]

    I do not know, whether that would fit to what you prefer: One of the first successful ones with German and not English lyrics was Udo Lindenberg. A more tougher way: "Die toten Hosen". "Bap" is / was famous in Germany as well, but they sing in the dialect of Cologn (= Köln); many Germans hardly understand the texts.

    Additionally one out of the "Neue deutsche Welle": I liked very much "Deine blauen Augen" (While listening, I was thinking about a boy of my class : ). Herbert Grönemeyer also is famous; here two titles: "Hab Flugzeuge in meinem Bauch" and "Bochum", a modern vaunt for his hometown in the "Ruhrgebiet".

    Greetings to you Hildegard


    Not a band, but Reinhard Mey comes to mind. Very calm, easy to understand and with good lyrics. There's also Heino, who get ridiculed quite a bit, but has an amazing voice (try: "Es waren zwei Königskinder"). Two other people with great voices and a lot of German songs are actually foreigners: Karel Gott from CZE and Steve Barton from the US. Check out Barton's work from "Tanz der Vampire" - you might even recognise some of the tunes, since the composer of that musical has also used them in some very famous power ballads. Other than that, I second Grönemeyer (those songs about losing his wife are amazing) and since Rammstein was mentioned, I'll add Nina Hagen's cover of "Seemann". Finally, a lot of classic songs have their own German cover, so that might be something you want to look for.


    Rammstein is the obvious suggestion. But also Eisbrecker, Völkerball, Sirenia, Oomph!, Megaherz, Letzte Instanz, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, In Extremo...there's lots of good German bands.


    I would like to add Asp with songs like "Und wir tanzten", "Ich will brennen", "Denn ich bin der Meister", "Werben" and many more. It's a German Rock/Gothic band with rather clear lyrics.

    (And I'm a huge fan.)

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