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multiple ways to say it?

hi! i'm learning through both memrise.com and duolingo, and on memrise i was taught "est-ce que vous êtes prêts?" meaning literally "is it that you are ready?" on duolingo though, this sentence is phrased, "etes-vous prêts?" or literally "are you ready?" I looked up the translations and found that both came up on google as the same question, so I was wondering... are there certain situations or contexts that you would chose one version over the other? Is it a case of the latter being less of a mouthful? Thank you!

February 22, 2018



I've been taught that etes-vous prets? is much more formal, while est-ce que vous êtes prêts? is more normal, appropriate for any situation. I'm not a native speaker though, and I've never been to a French speaking country (that's going to change soon!)


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