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Regional French Idioms?

I told my buddy (who is French) that I was going to France, and he offered to help me with some idiomatic expressions.

He told me that if I wanted to convey urgency to a taxi driver, I could say, "Je viens de m'echapper de prison". I tried this, but the taxi driver didn't seem to understand what I was saying. He just gripped the steering wheel and stared ahead like he was trying to be calm.

He also said that in bars in France, one of the best mixed drinks was "une crise de foie." He told me that I could ask any bartender in France, and they would know what I mean. So, when I went to the bar, I said, "Je prends une crise de foie." But it didn't work, and I had to settle for a beer instead. Fortunately I remembered "biere".

Finally, he said a good pick up line was "je veux porter vos vetements." I tried it at a disco, but she just laughed in my face. What a disaster!

Is it possible that these idioms are regional. My friend is Parisian and I went to Marseilles. Are things different in Northern France?

February 22, 2018



Prépare ta revanche et abreuve ton "copain" de conseils aussi ridicules qu'enfantins. Ça lui apprendra à vivre ☺ : un prêté pour un rendu, comme on dit partout du nord au sud. Et sinon, ton copain, est-ce lui qui a collaboré à l'unité "drague" de Duolingo ? son grand-père, alors ?☺


To use an English idiom, it seems your friend was pulling your leg!


I know this doesn't have much to do with your "friend" who told you "real" French idioms but some of my favorites are:

"Être con comme un balai." ("to be dumb as a broom" basically calling someone an idiot)

"Allez vous faire cuire un œuf." ("go cook yourself an egg" tells someone to leave you alone)

(personal favorite)"Vous avez un pet de travers." ("you're farting sideways" means you're grumpy)

"Avoir les deux pieds dans le même sabot." ("to have the two feet in the same clog" means someone is clumsy/bumbling)

(another favorite)"Pisser dans un violon." ("its like pissing in a violin" to say something is useless)

"Péter plus haut que son cul." ("to fart higher than one's ass is located" to say someone is big-headed)

Pretty sure these are legit, but if not I think they're still pretty great.


Those are stupids things that you have been told and your 'friend' is not a friend!


Hahaha your friend is funny as hell. I hope you took your revenge since then.

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