"¿Te gusta el rojo?"

Translation:Do you like the red one?

8 months ago



It seems to me that "Do you like red?" should also be acceptable, given the treatment in past lessons of the article "el".

7 months ago


I suggested this change on 3/20/2018.

7 months ago


I wanted to know why it's translated as the red one; instead of just asking -----Do you like the red????

4 months ago


I think if the conversation starts out as "Do you like the red one or the white one?", then the responder to the question answers with "I like the red one." However, If someone is asked "Do you like the white or the red?", then it is entirely possible that the responder would say, "I like the red."

The word "one" is elliptically understood. Accordingly, sentences without the word "one" should be upvoted. However, this does not mean that adding the word "one" is incorrect. Both ways are correct in context.

3 months ago

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This example is correct: "Do you like the red one or the white one?" "I like the red one."

This example is odd and I think possibly incorrect: "Do you like THE white or THE red?" "I like THE red." Note: There is no need for THE.

I think the correct version should be: "Do you like white or red?" "I like red".

Basically, both "the" and "one" are elliptically understood.

1 month ago

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No, DuoLingo, I don't like the "RED 1" as the answer! Why is it trying to correct it by using "1" instead of "one"?

2 months ago
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