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  5. "Good day, how are you?"

"Good day, how are you?"

Translation:Guten Tag, wie geht es?

February 23, 2018



I feel like this isn't a great translation.



I would have used Wie geht es Ihnen / dir?, but the shorter version is ok as well.

  • genuine question: do people say "Good day" these days? (Personally, I'd equate "Guten Tag" with "Good afternoon", even though "Guten Tag" is used before noon as well. You occasionally get this kind of shifts in greetings over the time of day, e.g., "morning" in one language is only the time of getting up, in another it's the time before noon - you just have to memorise the times when you can use e.g. "the German 'Good afternoon'". On account of "Good afternoon" being the greeting in between "Good morning" and "Good evening", like "Guten Tag" is in German. Just my two cents.)

  • To me, "Wie geht es?" (without "Ihnen/dir") seems a bit strange, because I'd always shorten it to "Wie geht's?" - unless I'm asking "How does that thing you're doing work?" or maybe "How is that work you're doing there coming on?".


"good day", at least where i come from, seems to be more of a curt goodbye.


I agree this is not the best German translation


Is 'es' necessary? Why / how? Will " wie geht's " do?


Warum nicht: "Guten Tag, wie geht es euch?"?


DIR was left out meaning You. Another way would be Giuten Tag wie geht's and that would include Dir although it is omitted.


Wie geht es Ihnen is How are you? So why ist this sentence wrong,? Wie geht es is supposedly right. SOOOO. YOU TELL ME. IT'S THE SAME THING, MAYBE MINE IS MORE FORMAL WHAT IS WRONG WITH WIE GEHT ES IHNEN?????????????


It worked for me! Maybe they added it in after reading your POST? ;-)

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