"Jakie jest twoje stanowisko?"

Translation:What is your position?

February 23, 2018



Does this mean a position on a team, in a company or a military rank? Or does it mean where are you on the map? Or how would you vote?

February 23, 2018


Hmm. "in a company" is my first thought. Then I guess "your stance on something", but rather in an official way and in a situation when your opinion really matters.

"on a team", at least in sports like football, would be "pozycja". "military rank" is "stopień". As for voting, I think I'd just go with "Na kogo będziesz głosować" (Who will you be voting for).

February 23, 2018


For me, the first explanation that comes to my mind is the meaning of "how do you relate to that". 'Jakie jest twoje stanowisko w tej sparwie?' = "What is your position on the matter?"

November 9, 2018
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