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other sites like Duolingo

i was wondering if anyone knows any other sites like Duolingo where you can learn different languages and i would be really thankful if you tell me what advantages and disadvantages they have :)

February 23, 2018



Well, for German, there is Nicos Weg. I found it way better than Duolingo, but it's only available for learning German.

I have yet to find any other free courses. I can only recommend Assimil, Teach Yourself, and Colloquial. I think, book courses are better than mobile apps, because they explain every much better.




memorise and babble are 2 popular ones, the issue is there aren't really any sites as good as Duolingo that don't require a premium membership. If you are willing to pay a fee these sites are much better at explaining and teaching grammar if you r happy with just vocal quizzlet will be a great help along with youtube will be your best friend

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I'd suggest www.lingvist.com . It's also kinda addictive, it gives you a sentence and you have to fill in a missing word. During these exercises you get to learn new words. If you do it every day it's really helpful.


Check out Clozemaster! It's often recommended as the next place to go after you finish your Duo tree, or even before. The idea is to use the cloze deletion method on thousands of sentences where you have to input the correct word.

For example, a given sentence could be "I enjoyed that movie ____ much", then you would have to guess that the correct word here is "very". Of course it could be something else like "too", but you are able to see the translation first and also decide whether you want some multiple choice options instead of typing it in on your own. You must answer a sentence correctly four times consecutively (meaning if you get it wrong once it goes back to zero) before it will be mastered, hence clozemaster!

Best of all, it's free, has dozens of languages, and also has a web and mobile app!


for esperanto there is lernu.net


For German: http://www.dw.com/en/learn-german/s-2469 They have lessons at different levels, and most of them have audios and exercises. I highly recommend using the website, and if you are pretty advanced already, you can just read the news on there. For others (including German), there is one no one mentioned but I personally really like is called Busuu. You can easily catch their sale and pay $20 some for a whole year, I really like the way how they set up their lessons and exercises.

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