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  5. "Tatăl puternic nu plânge."

"Tatăl puternic nu plânge."

Translation:The strong father does not cry.

February 23, 2018



Anyone who has seen The Big Lebowski knows strong men also cry.


Glad I'm not the only one who wanted to make this point. Crying has nothing to do with the strength of a person. In fact, I'd argue in many societies, it takes MORE strength for a man to cry.


But this is a lesson on language, not culture! I also don't think it's normal to eat mustard on its own but as long as it's all gramatically correct, who cares?


By the look of it, at least 9 of us! Seriously though, it's just a comment on a discussion forums because I think there are possibly better options.

I don't mind nonsense personally, if grammatically correct (including Ana eating the canary and the hamster speaking Romanian) but plenty of people do.

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Oh toxic masculinity.


IMO it should be: a strong father does not cry. I reported it.


The sentence is grammatically accurate in both English and Romanian. I don't see an issue with it.


Yes, but sounds a bit odd and unnatural. I can hardly imagine a context where this sentence can be used.


"The strong father doesn't cry, but the weak father does." (although I object wholeheartedly to the idea that crying is weak for anyone irrespective of gender)

Edit: I agree that we'd often say "A" rather than "The" but then many of these sentences are odd out of context (and sometimes actually incorrect in either or both languages). But actually reporting this as incorrect isn't really appropriate as it is still valid - at least in English. I see that the grammar appears right in Romanian, but obviously I can't speak to if it's commonly used.


You are right. And I was talking about the Romanian sentence. But I assume that there more and much worse things in this course. So we can live with it.


How is "tatal" = "The father". Shouldn't it be "tatalul" or something else? Is it just an itregular noun?


tată = father; un tată = a father; tatăl = the father


Tatălui - of the father. El este băiatul tatălui lui. He is his father's son.


Toxic machismo isn't a great look


Please don't encourage toxic masculinity Duo

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