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Why I don't get notifications when someone "marks up/down" or "votes up/down" a comment of mine is beyond me.

Also, why send notifications by mail? Why not just pop it up when I log into Duolingo? That's not too much to ask. At the moment, if I have to see what comment was added to a conversation I'm following I have to go and check it in my mail.

Why Duolingo why?

March 20, 2013



You're right- our notifications of comment updates need to be worked on. It's something we plan to do soon. Following threads and discussions is also something we'd like to make easier. Appreciate the feedback. Know that we're on it :)


Thanks kristinemc, great to see someone from the Duolingo team respond. Thanks! :)


Well, I find "notify me" versus "e-mail me" (in the settings) pretty clear. You could put it in a tabular format, but please keep it simple.

Also, could e-mail notifications be in plain text? My e-mail client cannot display html e-mails; especially with the large amount of html code, which is sent with the notifications, it is very difficult to find the content of the message.

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