"This is my first time taking part in a soccer match."


February 23, 2018

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Putting the subject with the verb (这是第一次我参加足球比赛) feels like a more natural word order to me. Should this be acceptable?


I worked as a chinese linguist for some years, and yes this should be acceptable. In chinese, it means the same thing.


I did this, too, and was marked wrong

When I tested this with google translate I got:

这是我第一次参加足球比赛 This is my first time participating in a football/soccer match.

这是第一次我参加足球比赛 This is the first time I participated [sic] in a soccer/football match.

ie ...it seems to take the 'my' away in our preferred sentence. Whether or not this is relevant, and both should still be accepted, I have no idea.

Hope that helps


Likewise and I was penalised


I think it requires translation for "my first time (doing)", not "the first time I (do)".


Hmm... although I think both answers should be accepted, I find 這是我第一次 more natural than 這是第一次我。

It is like the 我 flows better after 這是 than 第


Furthermore there was another question in this lesson showing the same construction! 这是第二次你来中国吗?So I'm not too impressed of getting an error when i use the same pattern here. Unless 参加 isnt a verb, I've no idea why i should use one syntax one time, and a different syntax in this question.


The worst is, there is a question earlier with the same construction! And it's accepted! 这是第二次你来中国吗? Such a load of ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤!


这是我的第一次参加比赛足球? Is it not okay to have 的 here?


I don't have a grammatically sound explanation on this and is purely speaking as a person who uses the language (Mandarin in mainland China) as a near-native speaker, so please take what I say with a grain of salt:

With 的: There is something really awkward and unnatural about having a verb following a possessive adjective. similarly you wouldn't really hear phrases like 我的吃饭 or 我的跑步。

Without 的: The 我here is no longer part of a possessive , but the subject of the verb, and the sentence sounds more natural.


I agree – nonetheless it should be accepted.


What? If it sound awkward/strange it shall not be accepted.


"这是第一次我参加足球比赛。" is wrong?


Why is 这是我第一次参加踢足球比赛 not accepted?


I think most likely is that Duo considers 踢足球 to mean "play soccer"


Unusual English


No, neither unusual nor ungrammatical. You can use an adj phrase with the present participle'"..participating..." It modifies 'time' similar to the way a relative clause would. https://www.phrasemix.com/phrases/someones-first-time-doing-something


我的 means my. We don't use 的 in the sentence because you don't need too. The rest of the sentence makes 的 if the sentence is long enough. This is a hypothesis (don't know the correct spelling)


No, I think it has to do with the fact, that 的 is not used in the phrase "my first/Second/third time". It is: 我第一次, 我第二次。。。 I'm not quite sure why that is though.


Is the 这是 form normal, or translationese? Would it be more normal just to say 我第一次参加足球比赛?


In my opinion,
我第一次参加足球比赛 sounds like
"my first time participating in a soccer\football match"

Is that a subject? Or a predicate?

Like in English, in this case it is the same in Mando
我第一次参加足球比赛 真的很幸苦
are both fine without 「这是」 but the meaning has changed

I also believe one could say
我第一次参加足球比赛 是这「次」


Is 这是我第一次的参加足球比赛 wrong?

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