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Resources for Grammar

I am doing the French->German class, and there are not many grammar notes in that course. I have been able to move ahead figuring it out from examples, but as I move toward the third check point I am really getting bogged down with the grammar. More and more the units are becoming guessing and process of elimination rather than developing understanding.

Any recommendations for a grammar-focused textbook or online resources that will complement Duolingo?

February 23, 2018



The Easy Learning German Grammar by Collins is my recommendation. I haven't used this particular title myself, but I have used the Italian and Spanish versions. Both of these were excellent and I assume that the German version will carry the same standards. It's very easy for any learner to use.


thanks for your comment. Currently learning spanish. Spanish version seems quite comprehensive with 700+ pages. Could you recommend something for talking practice as well?


If you are use the PC-based application, try using the Tips and Notes.

I admit, I sometimes go back to my old high-school German text books and review German grammar.


The tips and notes in the Francais->Allemand course don't seem nearly as extensive as I would expect, and not having done the English one I can't make a direct comparison. For example, there are none at all for the Dative case.

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