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  5. "J'ai pris du poisson."

"J'ai pris du poisson."

Translation:I took some fish.

March 20, 2013



Why isn't 'I have taken fish' excepted?


Or "I have taken some fish" as well. I think it should work.


Absolutely! The french perfect tense should translate to I took/I have taken.


it is a correct translation, but i don't know why its not right. i will talk to my dad about it. he is french


No need, it is accepted now.


The French commonly use the verb prendre to mean to have when it comes to food and drink. While DL's translation is correct, it's a bit odd. Had fish and had some fish are better translations, but are not accepted.


"I had some fish" is accepted now. July 27, 2015. Thanks for reporting it.


does this mean 'I ate some fish'?


Maybe in a conversation after eating it could infer that the person has eaten the fish, but that's not enough to make it a correct translation. I'm thinking of a situation where there is a buffet and you chose to get some fish. "I ate some fish" - J'ai mangé du poisson.


I think you are probably right that this is what you would say at a buffet. Most English speakers would probably say "I had some fish" meaning that they took some fish. Duolingo didn't accept my "had" though.


Forgive me, Germandy, but in my experience in the UK one should say 'it could be inferred that the person has eaten the fish'. Or, did you mean, to say 'it could imply' that they had? That would be more correct, as well as less wordy.


What is "I took fish" supposed to mean? That doesn't make much sense!


Parce que la phrase est hors de son contexte elle peut avoir plusieurs traductions. Traduire "I took some fish." avec "J'ai commandé du poisson." devrait être acceptable même si la traduction mot-à-mot serait plutôt "j'ai pris du poisson."


Hope it was poisson and not poison


This was a trick question for sleepy students. Half awake, I answered, "I took poison". :-P

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