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"I could forget about a clean bed!"

Translation:Na čistou postel jsem mohla zapomenout!

February 23, 2018



"Mohl jsem zapomenout na čistou postel" is marked wrong. What is the reason that the parts of the sentence cannot come in that order? Thanks!


This word order has been missing from the accepted solutions, although it's valid. I have added it now.


Proč ne: Mohl bych zapomenout o čisté posteli?


"Zapomenou" requires "na acc." (Lots of Czech on the other hand often say forget on)


"Na čistou postel jsem mohl zapomenout" neuznáno


This has been accepted for some time already.


what is the sence of this sentence?


Something like... You arrived at your hotel, found it dark, dirty, messy, and generally unpleasant. You had no hope of even finding a clean bed to sleep in, when you got to your room.


Hello! I could forget about a clean bed! The correct answer is "Na cistou postel jsem mohla zapomenout! Can I also translate "Na cistou postel bych smela zapomenout!"? Thank you for your advice :-)


Hi! You could use the conditional "...mohla bych..." here to mean "I would be able to forget..."

The verb "smět" means "may" as in "to be allowed to", so "...směla bych..." means "I would be allowed to forget about a clean bed" and it's really hard to imagine being forbidden to forget :)


I can't really get behind the meaning of this sentence. In what realistic context would someone use this sentence?


A story... "My husband and I were hiking. I didn't like it, because I enjoy my city comforts, but I had promised I would go. Now we were in the woods and we were going to sleep in a tent for the next 7 days. I could forget about a clean bed!"

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