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"Señor, ¿usted tiene que ir al banco?"

Translation:Sir, do you have to go to the bank?

7 months ago


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Is "Mister" not an acceptable translation for Señor?

7 months ago

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Here is how Dúo has been using this:
Señor, ¿quiere usted (Ud.) un café? Sir, do you want a coffee?
El señor quiere un café. The gentleman wants a coffee.
El señor (sometimes accepted Sr.) Martínez quiere un café. Mr. Martínez wants a coffee.
Small children will sometimes address an older man as "mister" (Hey, mister, you dropped something), but it's customary to use the more respectful "sir".

7 months ago


I agree. "Mister" is less respectful as a substitute for "sir" as a form of address. "Mr. Jones" is respectful. But, "hey mister," or "what do you want mister"... is not.

7 months ago