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good resources for Romanian?

So, I am very new to Romanian, I have never spoken it before in my life. But my girl is from Romania and is living with me in Germany. I am going away for a few months before coming back. I am wanting to continue Romanian well after the 4 months I am gone, however, I want to know good resources and other learning tools. I want to surprise her and her family when I go there to meet her family this summer. Any assistance is appreciated, I have one dilemma, since I speak German, and was learning Russian/Polish I tend to have a Russian accent when I speak it because I do not notice a Romanian accent? Or it is just hard to pick up on because when I speak my other languages my accent is flawless, I would want the same as well.

February 24, 2018

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[deactivated user]

    Maybe i can give you a hand :D.

    It's a luck that you are a german native speaker, because i can suggest you this book that is translated in various languages (italian and french, maybe in english but i'm not sure) and fortunately, romanian course has been translated in german.



    Amazon sells two version, the first one with cd and book and the second one with only the book. Obviously i suggest you the one with cds but is more expensive (but it worths the price, trust me).

    If you want to test it (but only with a single lesson is impossible to give a judgment) you can find it here on their german store:


    I can also suggest you these courses too, but they are in english (by the way, look on the web that you can find them, unfortunately the first one is quite expensive):



    And here is some examples on youtube of romanianpod101:


    Between these resources i suggest you the assimil course, because it has also the text with german translation (the others two not, one has english translation, the other one only the audio).

    p.s: you don't have to worry of the accent, what is important is to be understood from the others ;).

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