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How can I become better at Spanish?

Hi all - I'm currently a Spanish 3 student who really enjoys learning the language. I have studied by myself outside of class for fun so I can become better at it. However, I feel like I haven't improved much lately. I've learned all of the verb tenses, along with the subjunctive, and I feel like I can use all of them well enough that I don't need to spend more time working on them. I realize that it is important to continue to grow my vocabulary and that I can do so by reading books and listening to podcasts in Spanish. I don't know which ones are good (both books and podcasts), and I'm also unsure of if there's anything else I can be doing to improve my Spanish.

Thanks for your time :)

February 24, 2018



Hi! My recommendations are notesinspanish (advanced) podcast, Gran Hotel (TV series) with Spanish subtitles, and Agatha Christie Spanish translation (really easy to start reading!) For reading, if you have them, use Kindle or iBooks, since you can consult a dictionary right there in the app and you can also make notes in the book. I also think it helps memorization if you look at the text while listening, and if you write down some vocab that seems interesting. Good luck!

February 24, 2018


" notesinspanish" These are excellent quality, interesting topics and free!

February 24, 2018


If you have Netflix, you can change the audio and subtitles to Spanish on your devices to get a lot of practice and be entertained at the same time! It's not always an option, but we have found many that are.

February 24, 2018


You can also try using: https://es.lyricstraining.com

I use it for fun sometimes.

February 24, 2018


download Spanish Pimsleur for English Speakers, this method works so amazing! https://ibookpile.org/pimsleur-spanish-1-2-3-plus-mp3-includes-books/

February 24, 2018


There are a lot of areas that you can work on, but I recommend trying to speak more. Using the language in realtime challenges you in different ways than reading or listening to podcasts.

You can find language partners on Tandem. It's great for serious, long term language exchanges. You can search by languages and message people to see if you'll be a good match.

I've also been using Lingbe, which immediately connects you to a random speaker of the language of your choice. If the conversation goes well you can choose to stay in touch. You can earn more minutes by helping people with English. I only keep in touch with two of the people I met there. It's all of the other conversations that make it worth it. I have two or three "throwaway" conversations a week. Each time I get a little better at initiating conversations with strangers. It forces me to adapt my ear to dozens of different accents.

The important thing is that you find something that motivates you and makes you feel like you're progressing.

February 25, 2018


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February 27, 2018
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