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Subtitles in movies

I just watched a clip from Blade Runner with Spanish subtitles. BR is my favorite movie so I'm very familiar with the dialogue.

I was watching the interview with Leon and Holden

The subtitles seem to be fairly accurate but to me they don't convey the deeper meaning.

I did learn a new word though.


It's a large Caribbean turtle or possibly a large bottle of beer in Mexico.

"You're in a desert walking along in the sand when all of a sudden..."

"está en un desierto... caminando sobre la arena..."

(accurate despite losing "all of a sudden")

"You look down and you see a tortoise, Leon."

"Ve una caguama"

(close enough I guess)


"What do you mean I'm not helping?"




"Why is that, Leon?"

"Por qué no?"

good enough I guess. the subtitles never do it justice though. I once caught part of "Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia" on TV and at first I was annoyed because the only subtitles were the really simple phrases. After a few minutes though it dawned on me that I was watching a Spanish language channel and it was dubbed.


Sometimes I watch news reports where they dub over the person being interviewed and it kind annoys me if the translation isn't exactly word for word.

February 24, 2018



I watched full metal alchemist which came out the other day on Netflix. A very good movie that was easy to follow in Spanish. It's originally in Japanese and is dubbed in many languages, including Spanish. I also turned on Spanish subtitles.

It kept driving me nuts be because the spoken words did not match the subtitles most of the time. They came out being similar in meaning, but nowhere near being the same sentences/words.

That is when I realized my listing skills had improved since I could tell the differences between the spoken and written as well as follow both of them. Surprised me that I was able to follow along and enjoy the movie.


This seems to be pretty common, it seems to be that if there's one way to say something in Spain and another in Latin America the dubbed voice and the subtitles will choose opposite options.


You seem to have bumped into the difference between "translation" and "interpretation"! Some movies are machine translated and a LOT of the movie comes out weird.

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