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Do you think that duolingo is a good learning app(for learning languages) plz tell me

No one be rude in the comment sec shin, plz for the love of all the people in the world plz don't .

February 24, 2018



2013 and I enjoy it, in fact I always have a tab open for Duolingo, but I miss the old Duolingo


User since: 2014-01-21

Mobile app: 0 - 10, I would rate it a 2. Because they dumbed it down so much, that it's impossible to benefit from it. It's too easy, and doesn't force the user to actually recall anything back. They ruined it.

Desktop: 0 - 10, I would give it a 6. It is far better than the mobile app. But they removed the dual translation and it's always translating (target to native), but not (native to target), which you have to do the reverse tree just to get that and I don't give a crap about learning English again. I shouldn't have to be forced to do the reverse tree to get it.

Overall: 0 - 10, I would give a 4. Mainly because they mostly use horrible pronouncing TTS, which you won't build any listening comprehension from it. A lot of their courses are not that great. The Asian courses have too many problems because they rushed them. Any language that uses a different alphabet, the lessons don't teach them that great. Sentences have no grammar, so it's difficult to tell how to use this word vs that word. Courses throw too many synonyms at you and don't even explain it. Sentences are too simplistic, which doesn't help any better at learning synonyms, let alone, how to write anything complex sentences in the real world. I see people complaining that they can't even speak the language after doing 3-6+ months of Duolingo. People say Duolingo is only to there to put your foot in the door. Well, is it so bad that I actually want to learn the language properly the first time around? Please do some serious vetting when you create courses, and not just let person do it that applies. Hire some teachers with all that money that you receive.


I started in July of 2015 and I absolutely love Duolingo. It’s a great way to start off learning a language.

[deactivated user]

    Learning since 2016-07-01


    Learning since 2013-12-23 and I really love it!


    I just got is about 3 months ago


    I've found Duo a great way to start learning German but (in my opinion), it will only take you part of the way. To be able to use and understand German in real-world contexts, you'll need to include other resources as well.

    For instance, watching YouTube or films, reading German language newspapers, speaking/writing to fluent speakers, and learning more about grammar. I also picked up a tip from Ania (YouTube teacher, 'Learn German with Ania') about writing a diary in German every day, which I'm now trying to do ... pretty badly, to be fair :)

    What Duo does well: motivating you to learn every day. Teaching vocab. The community of mods and volunteers who answer questions. Adding new tools like 'stories'. And, of course, being able to do it for free!

    What it doesn't do well: Teaching grammar - it's pretty basic, and you can't access the grammar tips at all through the mobile apps. The audio exercises, which can be challenging, are also no introduction to how rapid German sounds when you hear it spoken 'for real'!

    What it's not so good at, I can live with. And what it's good at, I appreciate :)

    [deactivated user]

      According to duo, 2014-12-13. I've really been enjoying the exposure to the languages and plan to continue doing so for the foreseeable future.


      @El_Gusano I want ask about "according to duo, 2014-12-13." Where I can see the days of use?. I have on Duolingo two streak 250 days and 118 days... Plus of one year


      I have been here 5 days AND I LUV IT


      I joined 25/7/15 but didn't start using it until about a year later


      What a pointless comment.


      hope you guys enjoy it


      I would give this app a vary high rating(200,000,000) ,but the mobile app(on phone) i will give a 7 because it is just a little dual.


      For the website, I'd give it a 7/10. I like the grammar notes at the bottom and there's a huge community of people to talk to. They recently added stories expanding on the desktop version. The forums are good to look at once in a while. You are able to have a vocab list which is great too. Events are cool, the only downside is you have to be 18 or older (many users are under 18) and the closest city for me is 1hr and 30mins away from me (it used to be around 2hr 30mins).

      For the app, maybe a 4/10. You can do lessons but that's about it. They have clubs but they're pretty useless unless you're just using it with a friend/friends.

      I've been using Duolingo since 2015-06-27 and I can say its a really great resource that's completely free.

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