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"I was about to board the plane."

Translation:J'étais sur le point de monter dans l'avion.

February 24, 2018



Why "monter dans l'avion"? Can't you just say "monter l'avion"?


You can "monter l'avion" but it means that you are putting a model airplane together, or even a real airplane.

You can also "monter quelque chose to an upper position", like "monter des valises dans la chambre" (carry suitcases up to the room).

To board is "monter à bord de l'avion" or "monter dans l'avion".


With the usual only-an-advanced-learner-not-a-native disclaimer, that sounds to me like your climbing on top of the plane, rather than getting into it.


No, you cannot. monter = to go up is intransitive, it does not usually have any object (except in some idiomatic expression).

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