why do we add "nos" after "pensa"


ela pensa nos cavalos she thinks of the horses

i see this only in the sentences which have pensa. is pensa an exception? are there other verbs which we have to use nos?

February 24, 2018


No. It can be used in a lot of other verbs. It's a contraction of the preposition "Em" + definite article "O".

Em + O = No / Em + Os = Nos / Em + A = Na / Em + As = Nas

Although we shouldn't use it in the formal language, it's very common to use in informal chattings.

  • She holds him in her arms = Ela o segura NOS seus braços.
  • She kisses him on the neck = Ela o beija NO pescoço.
  • She feels pain in her feet = Ela sente dor NOS pés.

Also, there is a very popular expression in Brazil used when someone is very distracted and is not paying any attention to the situation at all:

  • Ele está pensando NA morte DA bezerra = "He is thinking about the death of the Heifer".

It's necessary to the construction and comprehension of the sentence. It can be used in some other contexts like:

  • She talks about the horses = Ela fala DOS cavalos

De + O = Do / De + Os = Dos

For more information:

February 24, 2018

Because „to think of“ corresponds to the Portuguese infinitive „pensar em“. In the sentence above, „nos“ is a contraction for „em os“. And no, „pensa“ (conjugation for 3rd person singular, or imperative 2nd person singular) is not an exception. „We think of the upcoming days“ could be „Pensamos nos dias que vêm“.

February 24, 2018
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