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"No me interesan esos juegos."

Translation:Those games don't interest me.

6 months ago


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I'm not interested in those games?

6 months ago


The Winter Olympics?

6 months ago



2 weeks ago


This is a good exercise to understand a few ways to express the same idea.

There are different phrases in Spanish that all amount to expressing (lack of) interest. Here's a mapping for the closest Spanish-English phrasings:

no me interesan = "they don't interest me"
no estoy interesado en ellos = "I'm not interested in them"
no tengo interés en ellos = "I have no interest in them*

You can use them interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same in the sense that they use different words and/or sentence structure. I kind of agree with Johngt44 that we should be learning the closest translations possible and not try to paraphrase too much.

For me, this is about learning the language and not simply how to communicate. Sure, I'm going to fall back on talking like a four year old most of the time. But, my ultimate goal is to have better command of saying things in different ways. Partly, that's to sound more like a ten year old, but partly I know that there are nuances and subtleties to every language. If you always say things a certain way, you tend to lose that.

The idea here is similar to the recognizing the difference between:
me llamo = "I'm called"
mi nombre es = "my name is"

That is, you can use these two interchangeably to talk about your name, but they aren't exactly identical.

3 weeks ago


That works now

2 months ago

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It may be roughly equivalent but how on earth is it "closer"? This isnt a situation lile gustar where it is THE way to say "I like". I just don't understand why anyone would deliberately fail to translate the very straightforward sentence correctly!

1 month ago


Why not “those plays...”?

1 week ago


I would say that a closer translation is; "I am not interested in those games"

2 months ago


Some answers here are strange ??

2 months ago