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¿Un amigo por correspondencía?

Hola! Soy Inglesa y estoy aprendiendo español. Yo quiero practicar español más. ¿Alguien quiere ser mí amigo por correspondencía?

Hablo ingles muy bien y si quieres practicar ingles, nosotros podemos hacerlo tambíen.

¡Muchas gracías!

February 24, 2018



It's often hard to find a language exchange partner. Sure there are a lot of enthusiastic people, but often schedules and availability cause the exchange to break down quickly.

I've been using Lingbe and Tandem to find partners. Tandem will help pair you with people based on languages being learned and experience. It's a good app to help with a long term partner.

Lingbe, on the other hand, let's you speak to people within minutes of installing the app. It pairs you with native speakers of the language your learning at random, and you can chose to keep in touch (or not).

I made two long term exchanges (a Colombian and a Guatemalan). However, my schedule is very erratic and often I can only speak to each of these people once a week. Whenever I get unexpected free time, I jump on Lingbe and chat with a random Spanish speaker. I've spoken to Spanish speakers from a dozen different countries. It's nice to be able to have a quick conversation.


yo quiero ser tu amiga

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