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"That chicken belongs to others."

Translation:Esse frango pertence a outros.

March 20, 2013



Ninguém fala "pertence a outros" no Brasil. Falamos que pertence "à outra pessoa".


Owning chickens seems to be of great importance. Got that sentence four times in this lesson :)


Can "aos outros" work in this case?


If you put a definite article there, it doesn't make sense unless these "others" were previously mentioned or you complete the sentence with a noun (aos outros fazendeiros / to the other farmers).


Well, I don't agree how duolingo translates "that" into "esse" here in this sentence. "Esse" is used when the object is near the person we are speaking to. "That" refers to something that is away from both speakers, and in portuguese I would say "Aquele". So, the correct sentence would be "Aquele frango pertence a outros"


Well, if your friend is holding the chicken, you will say "Esse frango pertence a outros", and "esse" has meaning of "that". If the chicken was in the fridge, you would say "aquele"

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