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Any tips on finding dutch speakers

So first a bit of back ground I started learning dutch ages ago. I moved to an apartment with a girl who spoke dutch german french and Spanish. 3 guys who spoke Spanish and two german girls. I decided to learn dutch because I felt un cultured. My BF decided to join me but it was only then that I realized by doing duolingo with sound off I was pronouncing everything wrong.

I left it for a few years to kick the bad habit (new account) I now try to copy duo when he speaks. However I'm scared I'm stuffing up (e.g I pronounce een as uun I'd love a dutch speaker to help me. I can't afford a course and I have no clue how to meet one.

Sorry for the bad spelling/grammar I installed the Grammarly keyboard on my phone and its doing more harm than good.

6 months ago




Most Dutch people speak excellent English, so you should have no worries finding a learning partner. Not sure where you live, but online is always a fantastic resource and way to connect with others. Try googling language exchange in your area or online. My best friend is Dutch and what inspired me to learn, and I can definitely attest to how helpful it is!

Happy learning

6 months ago

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"Een" is more or less pronounced like "uhn" when it means "a" or "an" so you got that right, at least. :) The only time it's pronounced as "ane" (my phonetic spelling) is when it means the number 1.

6 months ago


I use HelloTalk to talk to Dutch speakers from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Suriname. It's really increased my motivation as I've made some great friends and I'd highly recommend it. Just be aware that the point of the app is to also help them with English (or whatever your native language is) so be prepared to help them too.

6 months ago

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If you want to practice your pronunciation you can maybe try lisen to dutch songs or tv series. It's not what you are looking for but maybe it will help a bit.

6 months ago

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I'd recommend Tandem, a really nice app where you can find lots of people who learn/speak all sorts of languages including Dutch. I've used Interpals in the past, back then it was a great website, you can check it out as well

6 months ago


Besides talking to other native Dutch people - what I found helping me is watching Dutch TV, listening to Dutch music and just surrounding myself with Dutch sounds in any way possible. Especially singing in Dutch helped me with my pronounciation. Besides, that there are so many different accents in Dutch so in the end everyone pronounces stuff different!

6 months ago