IS ANYONE THERE? We really need a way to report issues. The Russian program has issues that really need fixing and that are extremely frustrating. HELP. Can someone please contact me??? Here are some of the problems: 1. On multiple choice, you don’t show the correct answer, so it’s really hard to learn - I’ve had to go through a multiple choice question several times just to find the right answer. 2. On many questions, the answer is given in Latin alphabet, as the word sounds, not in Russian - in early exercises, I don’t think you had that problem, but in later ones you do. 3. Word order doesn’t matter so much in Russian, yet sometimes you call an answer incorrect when one word is in a different place, which should be totally acceptable. 4. There needs to be a way to “go back” to find out how to spell something. You might say an answer is wrong, but you give no clue about what the answer is - and if I have to go to Google translate to figure it out, I can’t always find the particular word you are using, so I can’t figure out the spelling. These are very, very frustrating problems. Sometimes I get stuck because I can’t figure out the correct answer - and there’s no way to find it!!! HELP. The most frustrating thing is not being able to contact anyone there!! HELP!!!

10 months ago

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For questions 1 and 4: there is a little button (it says something like REVIEW) that appears to the bottom left AFTER you have finished an exercise; clicking on it will show at least most of what you want to know

For questions 2 and 3, can you give examples--screenshots or careful quotation of examples--so that others can see what is upsetting you?

10 months ago
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