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Language Partners?

Relatively new here. I don't even know if I'm allowed to post but was wondering if we could find partners to practice with, if so..where? Also my profile says "followers/following" but I don't know where/how to do that??

February 24, 2018



Followers/following are guys that you are friends with or just followed them cause they are cool


Didn't mean to start an argument. O.O I understood what you meant mate, I actually don't do the whole face-twitter-snap-book-chat thingy anyway. Appreciate your welcoming me! :) and yeah I just started learning German so I imagine I'll be annoying to people who are good at it, so yeah probably other people who are learning as well. and HOW do you follow though? I don't see a button for it?


You go to their profile and click follow. I am more annoying to people look at my German level and your. But I started learning yesterday and I am already done with the 1st checkpoint


Wow didn't realize it shows the level lol cool, and thanks. Yeah I kind of take my time so as to let the information and all the new rules etc.. I'm learning sink in thoroughly. LOVING this language so much!! At first it was like being in space, nowhere to gain traction so I couldn't move at all it seemed, but now things are falling into place a bit and since I can finally plant my feet somewhere I can move about, if that makes sense lol.


I do that too but I am in the level 25 challenge

[deactivated user]

    good thing you chose German, I chose Japanese and now I realize, finishing a skill takes a lot more time as the lessons are more repetitive and too lengthy(compared to other coarses) hope you succeed.


    i'm learning German, too. My daughters dad is from Munich, so its handy in real life.

    [deactivated user]

      following people on duolingo, does not mean the same thing as finding a language partner, we cant even text each other using duolingo, so what I'm trying to say is following peoples profiles on duolingo doesn't mean much,


      was just a random question I had, I need 2 more followers for one of the ONLY reward-thingies I haven't unlocked :)


      I'm in the same boat, I've just followed you, would appreciate any followers in return


      Hello! just click on somebodies account name and then click the "follow" button. try it on me for practice.


      I have the same problem. Ich have 19 followers (partners?) and I follow 31. How can I get in contact with them? Is there any button?


      you could chat with your followers and see their activity a few months ago but now they have removed that feature. However, you can chat with people in your club and the club feature is available only in app


      A bunch of people added me as a friend since I posted this message. Thanks so much to everyone! :) I appreciate all you guys' help. By the way, I noticed one of you is learning the language "High Valyrian", is this a real language? Lol or is it one of the fictional languages from that tv show? Just wondering :P

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