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  5. "Die Bezahlung"

"Die Bezahlung"

Translation:The payment

February 24, 2018



what is the difference between Zahlung and Bezahlung?


Zahlung is a transfer of money (so also a payment), Bezahlung is the payment of a bill, of an employee or similar.


hi, 1. "Ich zahle die Orangen" oder "Ich bezahle die Oragen"? 2."Wie möchten Sie zahlen?" oder " Wie möchten Sie bezahlen?"? 3. When I speak with somebody for example: " Ich habe das Auto bezahlt" oder "Ich habe das Auto gezahlt?" , which one is good? 4. zahlung methode oder bezahlung methode?

PS: I wrote hier, because I don't know how I must to use the both words/verbs too in my real life. I hope for answers strictly on my questions, but more explanations are very welcome.

  1. beide ok
  2. beide ok
  3. nur bezahlt
  4. Zahlungsmethode, Bezahl(ungs)methode (seltener)

Schau mal hier: https://german.stackexchange.com/questions/7097/when-to-use-bezahlen-and-when-zahlen


so fast :), Thank you very much!

And because you are here, and I like your answers, I have another hard question off-topic, if you can not answer, is not a problem :d. What I do not understand is how/when I must to combine too words, for example how did you make: "zahlungsmethode", why did you put "S" between? I tried to find a general answer. Maybe you have your theory or a very good link?


Try this, if you can read enough German ;-) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fugenlaut


I think it's mainly a "euphonic" s. But you can also think about it as a possessive "s". Die Methode der Bezahlung = Die Bezahlungsmethode. In general, I think all words ending in -ung or -keit get it. Apart from that I don't know a rule.


The link is very good lesson for me, even if I can't read the complete text in german, I try to ask google translate the words what I can't :D .

Thank you very much for answers! Have a nice day!

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