"张" 或 "份"

Duolingo said the classifier for newspaper was zhang. But it says "这些男人们读这张报纸。" is wrong, and the correct one is "这些男人们读这份报纸。" Can anybody tell me if there is an error?

哪一个是正确的? "这些男人们读这张报纸。" 或 "这些男人们读这份报纸。"?

April 16, 2014

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To me, they mean different things.

这张报纸 = The/This piece of newspaper.

这份报纸 = The/This newspaper(many pieces).

这些男人们读这张报纸 = They are on the same page/piece.

这些男人们读这份报纸 = They might read different pieces of the newspaper.


我 prefer 这份,这张有些像将报章拆散来看的意思。


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