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"Do not say anything at all to the older employees."

Translation:Starším zaměstnancům neříkej vůbec nic.

February 24, 2018



Why "Starsim zamestnancum nic vubec nerikej" is wrong?


It is strange to have "nic" and "vůbec neříkej". You want to bind "vůbec" with "nic" here.

"vuvec neříkej" is not impossible, but does not belong here. It can be in "... to vůbec neříkej."


Have you forgetten to translate the word "all"? (Vsem)


No, "at all" means "vůbec" and "not at all" means "vůbec ne".


Thank you Vlada. I am somewhat embarrassed to have to admit that, although English is my mother tongue, I mis-read the sentence. Of course you are quite correct. I'll never work on Duo again late at night after an exhausting day! Thanks for your prompt response.

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