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"Yo pongo los huevos en el refrigerador."

Translation:I am putting the eggs in the refrigerator.

February 24, 2018



It's my understanding that either is correct, like coche/carro.


Yes. I believe "nevera" is more common in Spain.


"I put the eggs in the refrigerator" was marked incorrect. :/


Yes, and I don't understand why


I wonder if it's because that sounds like you already did it, "put" being the past tense of "put."


Whats wrong with: i put the eggs in the refrigerator


Im backtracking but in the next next lesson it teaches if its like learnING is aprend'iendo'. But pongo is putting? Why not poniendo or whatevrr


I thought the same. That's the continuous form, why they are having it translated to that form here is odd.

In English we do use the same spelling as the continuous form as in "learning spanish is good". Which is equivalent to saying "to learn spanish is good". But when we say I am putting the eggs in the fridge that's actively happening and hence is the continuous form.

My question had me translate to spanish so I'm unsure if this one is still broken.

Yo pongo should be "I put"


Either are acceptable translations of yo pongo. The continuous form is used far less in Spanish--it is implied by the present.


You shouldn't put eggs in the fridge - just saying.


In the US (and Australia, Japan and a few other places), eggs are sterilized before transport. This process can also remove a layer of the shell that protects the inside. For this reason, eggs in these countries should be refrigerated. The US FDA has more information.


FWIT, Google translate for "yo pongo los huevos en el refrigerador" is "I put the eggs in the refrigerator" and translation of "I am putting the eggs in the refrigerator" is "Estoy poniendo los huevos en el refrigerador"


Why is it wrong to say "I put the eggs in the refrigerator" ?


Why not also: I put the eggs to the fridge? (Or even into...)


into would work, as it is equivalent to in (used directionally, as in the target sentence.

to is incorrect by itself.


Why is frdge wrong


Thanks. I came here to find out if anyone had tried to save typing that way.


Translate these 2 sentences to Spanish i am putting eggs in the refrigerator. i am putting the eggs in the refrigerator.


This voice actor cracks me up.


Never heard of refrigerator,in Spain it's either nevera or frigorífico

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