"I got promoted!"


February 24, 2018

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The verb caught m y eye too, but because in English it is a kind of indirect or periphrastic passive, equivalent to "I was promoted (by sometime.)" However, the Chinese sentence does not use the 被 or similar structure, and though they are presumably valid translations of each other, on some level there appears to be a conceptual difference. To me, the English seems to imply being the object or recipient of action taken by someone else, whereas, grammatically anyway, the Chinese sentence seems to look more like one's position rose, than that it was raised (by someone who would be the subject of a related sentence with a transitive verb. I'm sure that even just within English we can find other similar, basically equivalent expressions, in which in one case the subject matters seems to have been caused and in the other, it seems (grammatically anyway) simply to have happened.


You might compare it to how in English we say "I was born" so that's also a passive construction. In other languages the equivalent to "be born" is an active verb.


Woah. Wie viele Sprachen sprichst du??


is this the same verb one would use for saying someone else is promoted? eg "我升职了“?


Yes. 他升职了. Archie升职了. 升职(to rise from a position at work)

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