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I'm very confused on asking questions in French! For example, if i say, 'Quel film veux-tu voir?' why do i say veux-tu and not tu veux? It's confusing because why is it 'which film want-you see?' why isn't it 'quel film tu veux voir' also shouldn't there be a 'to'like what film do you want TO watch? or is there no french equivalent?Do i always use this format when asking questions or just sometimes?

Also what is est-ce supposed to mean, i've heard of est-ce que and qu'est -ce que, but are they the same thing? I'm also confused on their purpose, do they mean 'is'? If that's the case why don't I say, est instead? Also when do i use them and how?

Sorry if this is a lot, i'm just very confused on question, but merci beaucoup if you take the time to answer this! :)

February 24, 2018



"est-ce" = 'is-it'

"est-ce-que" = is-it-that

"qu'est-ce que" = 'what is it that'

"que-est-ce que c'est?" = 'what-is-it-that it is?' = what is it?

"veux-tu" is the usual way. You'll get used to hearing and using a new word order, as you become more familiar with another language. Keep asking!


I'm nearly at level 25 in French and these expressions still stump me. Thanks for the analytical translations I'm sure all learners will appreciate them. These in addition to the very helpful Tips on the Lesson page are a great learning aid.


:-) you make me very happy knowing that it helped you!


Voir is the infinitive, which literally translates as "to watch". All infinitives are to word, you were probably just not taught that in English because you learned English as a native speaker.



pronoun + verb = affirmative / verb-pronoun = interrogative

else you can use the est-ce que in order to rephrase more like in english - you want / do you want? = tu veux / est-ce que tu veux?

well , it's a little easier for Romance languages speakers but i am sure that by repeating you'll get the pattern


I think it may be the same reason you would say comment allez-vous instead of comment vous-allez or quel âge as-tu instead of quel âge tu-as

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