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"Mañana vamos a ir a la casa de mi hermana."

Translation:Tomorrow we are going to go to my sister's house.

March 20, 2013



Does "vamos a ir" sound superfluous? I mean, like, could you say the same thing with this "Mañana vamos a la casa de mi hermana"?


You can use both, but it sounds more familiar "Mañana vamos a la casa de mi hermana".


it does to some extent. I believe you might use the vamos a ir if there is some emphasis on the way, as if it's long or something. I think it's more subtle as "we're going all the way to my sis' "


The same as "We are going to go".


This makes me think of telling someone "We are going to go -- whether you like it or not" lol


house of my sister - my sister's house. - what is the difference?


Why is it wrong to say "Tomorrow we will go to the house of my sister"?


Why can't you put the tomorrow on the end? E. g. "We are going to go to my sister's house tomorrow." What's wrong with that? I would say that in English probably more often than "Tomorrow we are going to go to my sister's house."


oh wait.... i said "We are GOING TO MY sister's house tomorrow"... but should that make a difference?


I think so as your second translation doesn't include anything for the "a ir".


Why does a previous lesson mark "vamos a ir" wrong, using "vamos a partir" and the discussion says you need the reflexsive "nos" with ir? There's no "nos" with this ir.


Any suggestions for SPEAKING practice, without an expensive tutor? I close my eyes for LISTENING comprehension practice (harder than just reading the sentence). DUO is great but there's no CONVERSATIONS - HELP


"Tomorrow we're going to my sister's." -- isn't this valid english and equivalent to the spanish phrase?


I wrote, "We are going to go to my sister's house tomorrow." and it marked it wrong. In English, we typically say "tomorrow" and other words like it at the END of the sentence, not the beginning.


redundant... redundant.... redundant....


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From the English standpoint, the "go to" is superfluous. It is like saying I fell off of the building. "Fell off" is sufficient to make the point. The extra "of" is not required and can be considered noise. It seems that saying "going to my sisters house" is sufficient and the "go to" would be excessive and unnecessary to make the point. Unless, like mentioned above, "we're going all the way to sis." In that case it would denote that the journey itself held particular importance. To me this would imply that going all the way to your sister's house is a feat or a rare occurrence. Other wise I would simply omit the "go to." I hope that makes sense.

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