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"Yo les quiero mandar flores hermosas."

Translation:I want to send them beautiful flowers.

February 24, 2018



can someone illustrate the difference between "I want them to send beautiful flowers" and "I want to send them beautiful flowers"?


It needs to be a sentence with two parts. You have to write "Quiero que..." which means "I want that..." So in this sentence it would be: "Quiero que (ellos) mandan flores hermosas." There might be another way to do it, but that's how I'd do it.


thank you. I think I get it!!


Actually I think we have to use "manden" because it turns imperitive when you use Quiero que. I just went over it again. It is one of the last lessons.


Close. Quiero que requires subjunctive because it's sort of like a wish. (So you got the morphology--the form of the verb, correct, manden, but its mood is subjunctive rather than imperative.) If we wanted to add "to them" (to slightly alter the sentence), I think we would need "les" but "a ellos" would be optional: Quiero que ellos les manden flores hermosas a ellos, "I want them to send beautiful flowers to them." But I think we could use Quisiera, "I would like," in which case we are back to using the infinitive: Quisiera mandarles flores, " I would like to send them flowers." I'm not sure which form is most natural to Spanish, however, as I am not a native speaker. When I did this one (Yo les quiero mandar flores hermosas) I got it wrong--I put "I want them to send pretty flowers"--so I appreciate the question and the response here.


That's what I put too


I have used pretty for hermosa but not accepted here


ditto... I reported it


Notice there is no "a" between "quiero" and the infinitive "mandar". Earlier, there was an "a" between "ayudo" and the infinitive "pintar".


Yes, because "ayudar" requires a preposition to link it to an infinitive. "Querer" does not.

Unfortunately, you have to learn these individually; there's no blanket rule to tell you which verbs need a preposition and which don't. But if you pay attention to the first verb, and note its preposition (or lack thereof), over time it'll start to "sound right."


pretty=beautiful, right? I put pretty.....it was marked wrong.


But one is more so than the other, and it all depends where you're from and what you are talking about. Then you have to fit in "lovely" ! I haven't been able to work out what the gradation is in Spanish yet, but DL has bonito, hermoso and bello (so far), and is inconsistent about what it accepts as a translation.


In my experience, hermoso seems to be one of the strongest. I always translate it to beautiful.


Just noticed, if you click on @hermosas@ it comes up with "beautiful", "splendid" and "lovelies". No that's not a typo on my part. Who put this question together, my lovelies ?


Sadly, @ is what the PC English International keyboard comes up with when you type a quotation mark. Until you change to the normal keyboard.


Pretty should be accepted


How would you say "I want them to send beautiful flowers"?

I got mixed up here


Quiero que ellos manden flores hermosas.

Though it feels "off" without saying who they're being sent to.


Just curious here, "I want to send them..." can be "Yo quiero les mandar.."? How wrong can this be? Thanks.


No, the "les" can be in front of the conjugated verb, or attached to the end of the infinitive, but not between them.

So, either:

"les quiero mandar" or

"quiero mandarles"


Why is that no one I know uses "mandar" for "to send?" Enviar seems to be the verb of choice. So I tried various translation serves to see if "mandar" is ever used...NOT ONCE! "Mandar" seems to be obscure. Why aren't we using "enviar?"


I don't think it's so much obscure as regional. I've heard both used. Duolingo should accept both (though I don't know if it actually does or not).


Why does quiero sound more like giro?


Why can't I say: I am wanting to send them beautiful flowers?


Why isnt this exercise allowing me to see what im typing and then not allowing me to backspace if i have a typo. I have to retype the whole thing


I wrote "I want to send them beautiful flowers," and got it wrong. Anyone else?


This is not the conditional tense so the translation provided is incorrect.


Neither the Spanish nor the English uses the conditional.

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