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How to translate the following

How would I translate "A Leftist Revolution" in German? Without putting it in German, I thought it would need to be along the lines of "A Revolution of the Left" roughly speaking. Eine Revolution vom Linke - something like that?

Vielen Dank!

February 24, 2018



It depends on what you really want to express. What does your sentence refer to?

Several possibilities (only my suggestions):

It's a revolution in a country, started by the political left: "Eine Revolution von links".

It's a revolution within a "leftist movement": "Eine Revolution bei den Linken".

I think in order to know how to translate your headline properly, we have to know what you are describing.


What I am trying to say is more or less a mobilization of the political left.


Eine Revolution der Linken - A revolution of the leftists

A leftist revolution would be Eine linke Revolution (which has a double meaning) or Eine Linken-Revolution (if leftist is meant as "of the leftists" or " leftists' "), but they both sound a bit odd.

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