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I want to be a good french speaker, but im getting bored of practicing?! help

im only level five in french, but im starting to get bored with all the practicing. don't ask me why. i know that you need to practice if u want to learn, but this is just annoying. duo should come up with a way to make it more fun, so that people like me stay keen. Does anyone have any advice?

(Im seulement le niveau cinq en français, mais im commence à s'ennuyer avec tous les pratiquants. ne me demande pas pourquoi. Je sais que vous devez pratiquer si vous voulez apprendre, mais c'est juste ennuyeux. Duo devrait trouver un moyen de le rendre plus amusant, afin que les gens comme moi restent enthousiastes. Quelqu'un a-t-il des conseils?)

(J'ai utilisé google translate pour ça. Je ne sais pas encore comment traduire cela. Ce n'est pas mon niveau.)

February 24, 2018



Google translate is actually not good. It would be better if you improved your French in order to be able to write accurate French texts. :-) (And also, in order to work as properly as GT can, it needs accurate source texts. It is not able to interpret "im" as "I'm", for example.)

In my opinion, Duolingo does a lot to make learning fun. Have you already discovered the "Stories" (in the "Labs" section)? You may also consider reading other forums (outside of Duolingo) in French, about topics that you find interesting.


Don't learn the language just for the gist of it. Go and find some use for it. Grab a book, a movie, a tv series or a youtube video and see how far you can get. Learn from what you don't know, challenge yourself and Duolingo will become one of the tools that you need to fill in the gaps. My point is, you will not find the motivation you're looking for in a simple app or a game. We are best at learning languages when we are in need to decipher or communicate.


Yes this is good and dont put subs people think it will help them learn but in most cases they just read the subtitles without even realizing


Duolingo is one of the more fun ways that are out there. Maybe french is not the language for you.


Set a goal for yourself that encourages you to help you accomplish things. It good to set a big goal such as "I want to be an exchange student in France in 3 years," then set up mini goals to accomplish big goals, "I want to finish the whole Harry Potter books in French in one year" and set up more mini goals to direct you to your main goal.


I got to that point too around lvl. 10-15 if I remember correctly. I got burned out from trying to do too much. I eventually just did like one lesson a day and tried other languages because I was bored with French. All I did was practice what I already went over to keep my tree golden. Then I said forget that and just practiced new stuff and became more interested the further down in my tree I went. It will get boring, but you just need to keep pushing. Look at some other resources as well and explore the culture. Remember why you want to learn French. If you can push through this you'll be glad you did. The main thing is to not give up and keep moving forward to where you see that you can use these sentences. Eventually you'll just use this to keep your memory up and talk to natives to improve, but to do that you have to keep going. You are just starting French don't give up yet. After all I'm sure Hermione would keep going ; )


maybe try keeping a streak and getting your friends on here too like a competition


Felt the same way - a couple of weeks ago I tried practicing with people on meetandmingle and LOVED IT. They're having another one on Sunday, and I'm 90% sure you can actually make your own events on there:


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