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"Noi mâncăm pui cu castraveți."

Translation:We eat chicken with cucumbers.

February 24, 2018



I'm just going to guess this is a cultural dish?


It's basically a cold salad made with diced cucumber, shredded (boiled or grilled) chicken breast, and mayo. Other ingredients are sometimes added, such as celeriac or mushrooms. Usually it's made with castraveți murați, pickled cucumber - gherkins, cornichons, etc, but it's also made with fresh cucumber.

It can also be made into a kind of stew with chicken drumsticks or cubed breast, tinned tomatoes, white wine, bay, etc, with the pickled cucubers being added at the end.


Excelent! Mulțumesc foarte mult


That's an odd combination--perhaps a regional thing?


"We're eating chicken with cucumbers" was not accepted.

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