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Usage: Dans vs. En vs. á?

'Dans' and 'en' and 'á' can mean 'in', but in Duolingo I have to use one over the other. Why is that? Is one more correct than the other (in the context of the sentence)? Or is one completely correct and the other one is absolutely wrong (in the context)? What's the difference between 'dans' and 'en' and 'á'? And how do I use them?

February 25, 2018



This doesn’t cover everything, but here goes..

À means in when it’s referring to being in a city or island.

Je suis à Paris. I’m in Paris. Je suis à Hawaï. I’m in Hawaii.

En means in when it’s referring to being in a country (or continent), or when talking about speaking in a language.

Je suis en Espagne. I’m in Spain. Tu vis en Angleterre. You live in England. Parlons en français. Let’s speak in French.

Dans means in as in inside (basically).

La voiture est dans le garage. The car is in the garage. Il y a du fromage dans la cuisine. There is cheese in the kitchen.


Merci beacoup! I understand it, a little bit more.

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