"Vedeme ty koně pryč."

Translation:We are leading the horses away.

February 25, 2018

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This should accept both continuous present and simple present as correct, yes? "We are leading..." and "We lead..."


I do not think so. "We lead..." would be "vodíme".


What about "we are leading the horses over there"? There is no context to suggest it must be "away"?


'Pryč' means 'away'


When you click on "pryč", it says it can mean both "away" and "over". I have the same question. How would you say "We are leading the horse over (there/the bridge/etc.)."?


over there snd over the bridge are two completely different things and there is no reason they should be translated the same way.

over the bridge - přes most

over there - tamhle, tam


Regarding the clicking. Yes, you can click there to see some other translations. But then you will not see just a word but also example sentences for those translations. You should study those first. I see "Another weekend is over." "Další víkend je pryč." there. That is obviously completely different and speaks about time.

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