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  5. "Can you remember that?"

"Can you remember that?"

Translation:¿Usted puede recordar eso?

February 25, 2018



I wrote 'Puedes eso recordar?' but was told it should have had 'tu' (sorry, can't do the accent) in there. I thought the pronoun could be implied by the verb form - is there a reason it can't in this sentence?


Just wrote Puedes recordar eso but it tells me that I should write Usted puede recordar eso! This is another possible answer but both are correct isn't it?


Yes - they're different forms of 'Can you'. I'd flag the answer up as wrong.


Puedes recordar de eso? why is it wrong?


Because you're not supposed to put "de" in there.

  • Qué puedes recordar de/sobre eso? = What can you remember about that?
  • Puedes recordar eso? = Can you remember that?

The sentence you wrote is not correct (it either needs more words like above or less).

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