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free RFI French placement tests

Hi everybody, These placement tests are great! https://savoirs.rfi.fr/en/test-your-french-level I got 13/15 on A1, and 12/15 on A2. I have yet to take B1, but I was so excited that I wanted to share these with you! I will give B1 a try tomorrow. If you decide to take any of the tests, please share your results with the community here!

February 25, 2018



I got 9/15 for the A1 test. I better get studying!


A1 - 13/15

A2 - 12/15

B1 - 8/15

Il faut étudier!


I got only 5/15 on B1. It is difficult! To get an answer right, you often need four or five subsections correct. Even one part wrong, and the whole question earns zero!
I am happy to be at level B1. I have only been back at French for 19 days, and I never built up my ear in the first place. Back in university, all I ever did was a graduate level reading test.


A1-11, A2-12, B1-6. With the hours I have put In I should be a solid B1, but building listening skill is taking me forever and I am pretty much ignoring spelling.

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